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Plus Size Travel Essentials at More Wanderlust: A new space for Plus Sized Travelers

My name is CJ and  I have a severe case of Wanderlust. is a new Plus Size Travel space.  We are focused on finding the best plus size travel essentials, tips, experiences, places, products and information for plus size travelers.  There aren’t many spaces to learn about, see and experience travel with others who live in a plus size world.

For Christmas 2016 I travelled to Cambodia and Vietnam again.  It struck me that I was the only plus sized person on any part of my travels – and we were away for four weeks.   I can’t be the only plus size person who has been bitten by the wanderlust bug – where were all my plus sized sisters and brothers?

Why morewanderlust?

Why morewanderlust? I will be doing more travel, more wandering and I will definitely be having more wanderlust.  Plus there is more of me – so more wanderlust. Plus Size Travel must mean more fun and excitement – right?!

What next?

So here we are – – a new Plus Size Travel space to share tips and tricks, discovering plus sized travel essentials, experiences, ideas and resources about what it is like to travel as a plus sized person.  What are the tricks and tips? What are your stories and tales? Where do you find good reliable information?

If you are interested in sharing your stories or experiences use the contact form or email me at  You can also join me on Facebook or Instagram.

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